Our Youth Ministry is dinamic full of energy with a passion for the presence of God and a desire to follow Jesus.

The purpose of our Ministry is to have a group that is solidly committed to Christ, growing in Christ, & sharing Christ with the world.


There are four categories in which we accomplish this purpose:



1. Teaching — Teaching is the main purpose of our youth ministry. If we do not reach our teenagers while we have the opportunity, they may never learn what it really means to be a committed, growing, sharing Christian. We teach from the Bible in a manner that is clear and on the level of the teenagers but at the same time stretches and challenges them.
2. Growth — After teaching, there should always come growth. The Spring is always a wonderful time of year; you see the seed that has been planted and nurtured begin to sprout and grow into an amazing display of color. It is the same way with teenagers. After learning, there should the next step of growth — the out-flowing of what they have learned.
3. Outreach — With growth comes outreach. When a teenager grows in Christ their desire turns to sharing Christ with those around them. They want to share what they have learned with their friends, family, neighbors, anyone who they can talk to. This is what God wants for His church; to be reaching out to a lost and hopeless world and share with them the hope and salvation that we have found in Christ.
4. Fellowship — One of the most important aspects to any group is fellowship. We may be reaching out and seeing others come to Christ but if we do not involve them and bring them into the group, they will never be connected and begin to learn. Our group will never grow and develop if we are each going in different directions. The act of being together in fellowship not only strengthens the bonds between us and bring new members into the group, it also keeps us knit together and moving in the same direction.